Presenting The Girls of Eri-Kittens...

GC Wasillia Ellie Enchanted of Eri-Kittens

Brown Tabby & White Female

Sire: GC, RW Katzenfur Kodiak Blue's of Wasillia

Dam:  CH Kissables Sweet Willa of Wasillia


Half sister of GC Wasillia Aurora Borialice. She is our favorite girl!! She has a really lovely personality. She loves to be groomed, as soon as we start brushing her coat, she start purring!! Also she is a very playful girl, she loves to run and jump and have fun!! She likes to sleep at my daughters bedroom and like to play soccer with my son, she is the best goalkeeper!!! We really love her!!! Thanks so much to Jenny Vessey for this wonderful girl and for all your support and help!!!

Stunning Euphoria of Eri-Kittens

Blue Patched Tabby and White

Sire: CH Gringo Panda

Dam:  D'Eden Lover Cleopatra

Full sister of GIC Stunning Extravaganza, She is a sweet girl, a little shy but lovely too!! She has a small cobby body and mini ears!! She is a quiet girl with a very good behavior.

Wasillia Joy of Eri-Kittens


Sire:  GC, RW Katzenfur Kodiak Blue's of Wasillia

Dam:  CH Kissables Sweet Willa of Wasillia

Joy is a beautiful calico girl with a sweet open expression. She has a lovely full coat with lovely markings, just like if they were arranged to create a design. Once again I want to thank to Jenny Vessey for entrust me with those pretty girls.

Eri-Kittens Beautiful Beginning

Sire: GC, RW Phyxius Hollywood of Eri-Kittens

Dam: GC Wasillia Ellie Enchanted of Eri-Kittens

AKA: BB  - Because she is our first beautiful bicolor.

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