Hello. My name is Erika Serrato and I am very pleased to welcome you to Eri-Kittens Persians.

We are a CFA and TICA registered cattery located in Monterrey, Mexico where I live with my husband, children and all our cats.


I began by breeding Persians in the Golden and Silver color division in 2007.

We were able to import to Mexico several beautiful Golden, Blue Golden and Chinchilla cats from Europe.

We were so happy when our first kitties produced for us some very lovely kittens in these rare and unusual colors of Persians.


In 2011 we decided to add bicolors to our breeding program with a focus on producing show kittens with a sweet open expression.

We were so happy to find some wonderful cats with awesome pedigrees that include Regional and National Winners (RW and NW) from the USA and Europe.


Our goal is to produce show quality kittens that meet the standard for the Persian breed.

We are also interested in raising healthy and well socialized kittens.

Our cats live inside our home where they are allowed to run freely. Our kittens are in human contact from their first day of life. Once they are a little bit older they spent hours playing with me and my children. They are never caged. To ensure the health of our cats and kittens they are all tested PKD negative before being used in our breeding program.


I want to send my gratitude to Jenny Vessey of Wasillia Persians (USA) for giving me the opportunity to have her wonderful Grand Champion girl, Ellie.

Many thanks to Tina Heigl from Roggenstein Persians (Germany) for letting me have Walk of Fame, my dream boy!!!

Also many thanks to Katrin Machetanz from Planet Love Persians (Germany) for our sweetie boy, Jimmy, and to Sheryl Powers from Phyxius Persians (USA) for give me the opportunity to have her Regional Winner Grand Champion Hollywood.

And I ant to express my appreciation to Luckasz Szczesny of Stunning Persians for our darling Euphoria (Poland) and to Eva Maria Rost from Jewel Eyes in Germany for my beautiful chinchilla girl, Paisley.

Finally, I want to thank my husband and my children who help with the care of our kitties and lavish them with attention. I know it is a labor of love for them.

And many thanks to you for taking your time to visit our website and learn more about these wonderful animals called CATS =^..^=

Enjoy your visit!!!

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