Introducing The
Boys of Eri-Kittens...

CH Roggenstein´s Walk of Fame of Eri-Kittens

Cream Cameo Mac Tabby and White

Grand Pointed

Sire: GC, RW TNT Purrfect Precious Metal

Dam:  CH Roggenstein´s Hollywood

Co-owned with Tina Heigl

Half brother of GP, RW TNT Purrfect My Precious Gift and GC Roggenstein´s Twilight of Wasillia. Walkie is our dream boy with a super soft coat!! He likes to sleep at my son´s bedroom. They really like each other. When my son is not at home, he waits for him at his door. He is adorable!!! Thanks so much to Tina Heigl for this lovely boy!!

GC, RW Phyxius Hollywood of Eri-Kittens

Brown Tabby and White

CFA Northwest Region's 5th Best Kitten 2009-2010

Sire: Jubileum's In a NY Minute

Dam:  CH Brannaway Maya

Co-owned with Sheryl Powers

Half brother of GP, RW Phyxius Armani , GC, RW Phyxius Jubilation, GC, RW Phyxius More Mercy of Be Mine and full brother of GC Phyxius High Tide. He is our big boy. But don´t get wrong, he is sweet as candy!! A really wonderful boy with a super dense coat and a loving personality!! Hollywood is a 3 show Grand!! Many thanks to Sheryl Powers for this awesome boy!!

Planet Love's Jim Knopf

Black and White

Sire: CH Planet Love´s Burning Fire

Dam: Planet Love´s Amazing


Also known as Oreo Cookie. He is a very playful boy and has a long and soft coat and big sweet eyes!! Thanks so much to Katrin Machetanz for this handsome boy.

Double Take Attache of Eri-Kittens

Copper Eyed White

Sire: GC Suavere Veni Vidi Vici

Dam: GC Double Take Just A Doll


Attache is an excellent boy.  He has heavy bones, smooth head, big round eyes, short legs, cobby body and a very dense, fluffy and long coat...  I love to pet him!!  He also has a beautiful character, is super affectionate.  As soon as he sees me he starts to purr!  He is just a really lovely cat!  Thanks so much to Vitaly Oreshkin!

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